Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adobe MAX 2007 is now SOLD OUT!

My colleague Ted Patrick (ATE) was put in charge of MAX this year to get it more in alignment with developers, architects and other technical personalities. Ted is a rabid over-achiever who strikes me as the type of person who has probably never failed at any job. His mandate was to grow the MAX event from around 3,000 attendees by ten percent.

Today he sent an internal email that indicates the seemingly impossible has happened:

We shut down registration last night for MAX due to high number of attendees and our ability to deliver the conference.

First time MAX has "SOLD OUT"!

Ted :)

We are officially sold out. Ted rules! For those of you lucky enough to have registered in advance, this year's gonna rawk!! OMG!! Really, really rock!

For those who did not get in this year, I've already started a wish list for MAX 2008 here. Next year there are several things people want:

1. An earlier call for papers
2. Hold the conference on the east or west coast. Maybe we should alternate?
3. More external speakers
4. More technical sessions
5. No marketing fluff


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