Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Adobe MAX 2008

Adobe MAX 2007 has not yet happened but it will on Sept 30-Oct 3. So why a blog post about Adobe MAX 2008? Simple - I am interested in your opinions on what we should be thinking about now for this event. Here are some questions for MAX 2008:

1. What should we add that is not present for Adobe MAX 2007?

2. Which speakers/sessions would you like to see more of at MAX 2008? (Choices = technical, marketing, demos, roadmaps, other....)

3. What venue would you like to see MAX at in North America (Examples - San Francisco, Whistler, New York)?

4. What types of parties, extracurricular activities would you like to see more of? (For example - a side ski trip if in Whistler)?

Please also ping me by email dnickull at adobe dot com to let me know of any other ideas you have for MAX 2008.


  1. More external speakers
    More technical sessions
    No marketing fluff

  2. Adobe MAX 2008 Call for Papers

    This is one idea I think would be good to do - have a real call for papers and have community peers review and help select speakers.

    Just wanted to add this to the post.

  3. A better web registration and management system. Speakers are forced to use a session-id bound system to register and if they don't receive their speaker invites they can't make their deliverables.

  4. would be great in Bogota-Colombia!

  5. 1.I’d Like to see more hands on availability with the makers/book writers of the official programs. Many designers have bugs they can’t solve and coming to an event like this should leave the developer free and clear of any roadblocks. It would make this type of event more of a necessity to organizations that wish to stay ahead. When you know where you want to go, and can ask how, that’s a big plus.
    2.I’d like to see Ben Forta more in the Cold Fusion classes. Pretty much everything I’ve learned in CF has been through his books. I’d also like to see more industry leading speakers spilling their secrets, like Eric Jordan.
    3. Honolulu, San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando. I think Chicago was an excellent choice this year.
    4.Things pertaining to the area of the event. Have the weekend before the event with special tour like events setup to see the scenery and historics of the venue site.

  6. Location:East Coast- NY , Boston

    Contribute & Anything on CPS

  7. You guys need to be very careful calling these "bootcamps" - they are not!
    Bootcamp means an immersive way to learn a new technology. The bootcamps at
    MAX were *not* introductory material and it sounds like the bootcamps
    planned for MAX Europe are *not* introductory material either. Given the
    possible language confusion, you could well confuse people as to the purpose
    of these sessions.

  8. Hi Duane.
    MAX 2007 Europe was cool, but I think Adobe can improve the experience.
    Some general ideas:

    1) I lost a lot of interesting sessions because they were at the same time. I suppose that recording all the sessions and making them available online after the MAX could be a great idea.

    2) I had no time to network, because I was always attending a session! I don't know how you can organize the sessions, but please leave more time to people to network.

    3) I think that Barcelona was a great choice, but maybe could also be interesting the idea of having more "mini"-MAX also in other countries (I know that a lot of people from Italy lost the MAX because they can't stay away from Italy for 4 days for their work schedule). So, a big MAX for all the Europe, but also mini MAX (maybe specialized on a single object, that is AIR, or FLEX, or CF or LIVECYCLE).

    Hope we have a great MAX 2008 ;)


  9. Adobe MAX 2008 Europe will be in Milan in december.


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