Monday, July 16, 2007

What is up with Air Canada anyways?

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about some genius at Air Canada who decided the company really needed to start charging $2.00 for a blanket. This in itself is completely asinine but nothing compared to their IT system. Matt MacKenzie just had an experience that shows the fragile state of their IT organization. This is a good read and reveals just how bad the state of things is.

What is the issue? I really though that once they got rid of car salesman/CEO Robert Milton and got a really good CEO like Monty Brewer in charge things would change.

Here is another treat from the fine folks at Air Canada. When you become "Elite" you get this special card with "Air Canada Elite Priority Contacts" on the back. The number on the top left for Toll Free North American is 1-800-401-7201. These are purported to be "special" numbers only for elites. If you call in, it asks you to enter your mileage number, then redirects you based on your query to the inevitable conclusion - a recording that says "Please hang up and call the Air Canada Elite Priority Contact" number on the back of your card.

Now the staff at Air Canada are really nice people and for the large part they go over their heads to be nice, helpful, cheerful on flights. Some of the best service I have had has been on Air Canada but they have to fix their management. PLEASE!!!

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