Friday, July 06, 2007

Adobe MAX 2007

LiveCycle Developers:

During Max 2007, we will be having a full on Boot Camp dedicated to LiveCycle with some Flex/AIR! This will be a great opportunity to get questions answered and learn more about what is possible in terms of the new LiveCycle ES platform. This is in addition to all the other Enterprise and Collaboration track sessios at MAX 2007 in Chicago Sept 30-Oct 4. (you can filter the Enterprise and Collaboration track)
Boot Camp for LiveCycle
Skill: Advanced
LiveCycle, Flex

Write code together with the LiveCycle development team in this three-hour collaborative session. Boot Camp provides a mixture of short presentations, workshops, and free-form coding. Make sure to bring your laptop, your best questions, your most desired features, your coolest projects to share, and be ready to learn something new.

As co-owners of the track, Charlton and I would like to request input on the following:

1. If you have a specific question or topic you would like to share at the LiveCycle Bootcamp, please ping us with it. You do not need to prepare any slides, just come with your laptop, a USB key, and your code to share with others. Topics we are currently seeking are:
- JavaScript tricks and techniques for PDF documents
- writing and deploying SOAP-based Web Services in LiveCycle ES
- workbench tricks and techniques

But we are willing to entertain anything LiveCycle-related.

2. If you are unable to present, please indicate some specific topics you would like to see covered and we will seek community leaders to come in and showcase their skills.

Remember - this is *your* event. As LiveCycle developers, this is the premiere place in 2007 to interact and mingle with the best of the best of the LiveCycle crowd. You can meet the team who built LiveCycle, talk to the architects, have a beer with the developers, and share input for the future of the product!

I hope to see you all at MAX!

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