Monday, January 15, 2007

Flex Camp (Bay area only)

My good friend and colleague Ted Patrick has asked me to extend an invitation to any Bay areas denizens who may be interested in coming to the Adobe San Francisco Office to get under the hood of Flex a bit more. This would also encompass interests in Apollo.

Evangelism is hosting a "Meet the Flex Team" in San Francisco at Adobe Thursday, Jan 25 5-8pm. The event information is provided here:

If you plan to attend, register for the event.

Also please reach out to contacts in the bay area who are using Flex/Flash or in the web development market.

The Meet the Flex team session at Max2006 was a lot of fun and we expect this event to be similar. We will do some demos of Flex 201 and Apollo and will have a general QA session. The goal is to make Flex and Adobe more approachable and transparent in line with Flex25 goals. Plus it should also be a fun evening with our development community.

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