Friday, September 15, 2006

What is he smoking?

I guess this is going to be my most political blog entry ever. I normally try to abstain from such but today I saw something that really got me angry. Before I repeat it, I want to clarify a few things.

1. I despise terrorism and enything done by those who would willingly kill a civilian to achieve some political or military objective.

2. I count Americans as a lot of my closest and dearest friends. I would do anything to help them. The USA is a great country.

3. 9/11 (both of them), the Oklahoma bombing and other attacks on the USA are despicable and need to be dealt with firmly.

I guess where you can see this is going. Today I saw a quote form a Bush speech:

Growing animated, President Bush said, "It's unacceptable to think that there's any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the action of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective."

Well guess what? Bombing Bagdad and killing an estimated 100,000 people including women and children IS killing innocent people to achieve an objective. Using weapons which to not discriminate against civilians (like "cluster bombs") is exactly that. The people who died probably don't feel any better knowing they were killed by either side.

I don't have all the answers and don't claim to know how to deal with Islamic terrorists, but I will speak out when I see blatant lies. Justifying murder with Morals doesn't negate the end result. Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11 nor was it going to pose any threat to the USA. Frankly, I am a lot more worried about the situation in Iran and North Korea right now than I ever was about Iraq.

End of rant....


  1. You are a clueless and appeasing douchebag. America doesn't target civilians, terrorists do, or have you forgotten that? You are blinded by your hatred for Bush, simple as that.

    "Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11" No shit, Sherlock! You obviously missed the point on why we are there.

  2. "Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11..."

    Search term "ansar al-islam" pulls up appropriate information, as does the life history of al-Zarqawi. Search term "salman pak" is extra credit.

    For me, when he paid money to the families of civilian bombers, that was enough. (Search term "salman pays bombers" will get you info.)

    For wider context, search term "battlefield mediafield" pulls up the context on what's really going on here. We need to develop human choice and tolerance, not diminish it.

  3. "You obviously missed the point on why we are there."You mean oil?

  4. From a european perspective it does seem that the american media doesnt really convey the truth of the situation, i guess you cant blame people for beleiving something if they only get half the story.

    Imagine if the british goverment had bombed northern ireland during the IRA's 30 years of terrorism, its unimaginable.
    Just because someone has a different religion doesnt make them a terrorist/freedom fighter (all demends on your point of veiw).

    What makes a terrorist is seeing your family killed by a stray cluster bomb.

    Giving people a chance to lead a fair and decent life, dialog and reconciliation is the only way.

    Policy makers should look at how Northern Ireland and South Africa managed to claw out of the mess they were in.

    You cant have double standards you need to have moral courage, whilst Israel is supported by the US and UK when it Bombs lebanese civilians with cluster bombs and occupies palestine, or people are held in camps without respecting the geneva convention then we've lost any moral highground.

    The argument that its unintentional collatoral damage holds up when a few innocent people get caught up, but we're in the tens of thousands now! If america wasn't so powerful then im sure bush would be standing on trial for war crimes.


  6. President Bush has declared: "If you quit drugs, you join the fight against terror in America."

    INSANE!, I'm sorry but I'm going to enjoy a big joint right now!!!!

  7. Strangely enough, I don't have any hatred of bush himself although I will admit there are several million people in the USA who I think are better qualified to run the country. Yes - Al Zarqawi was there in Iraq but bombing a country and civilians for one guy's actions would be like bombing Canada because Al-ressam was there.

    I knew this was going to be controversal but I am glad it provoked some dialog. John's words ring nicely

    "We need to develop human choice and tolerance, not diminish it."

  8. To the first commenter:

    Actually we have targeted civilians. We softened up Bagdad with the Shock and Awe Campaign to get the Iraqis to lose their morals and make it easier for our ground troups. The administration stated this intention given the previous history of the earlier gulf war. I think they called it 'Collateral Damage'. The other tactic is to say we don't target civilians like in Falluja where we killed 1200 "Insurgents" bu not "Civilians".

  9. I guess I missed the point too. Why is the US in Iraq?

  10. Why is the US in Iraq? Cause at this point we can't leave.

    Why did the US go into Iraq? (none of these reasons "worked" and the occupation of Iraq was/continues to be seriously screwed up...another reason we can't leave...we screwed up that country almost beyond recognition...we have a moral obligation to do all we can, regardless of cost to try and fix it)

    That said, here are the reason we went into Iraq, of course only the last one was given...but all applied.
    1. Sanctions were not working. Tens of thousands of kids were dying each year from malnutrition while Sadam continued to live like a king and build more palaces. Additionally, European nations, especially France and Germany, were investing hevily in Iraq and desparatly wanted sanctions lifted and were activily lobbying for them to be lifted. Most even headed people would agree Sadaam would have used a resumption of oil trade to rebuild his weapons programs.

    2. Liberate the people of Iraq, which we viewed as one of the most secular middle east country, and let them start a thriving democracy which the other citizen of the surrounding nations in the area, all of which are monarchys or dictatorships, could then emulate. It was beleived the main reason people in that area were blowing themselves up in suicide attacks was a lack of hope. There really is zero opportunity in that part of the world for most young men and women. (now it seems like maybe it's something in the water, I really don't get the concept of suicide bombers or intentionally blowing up women and children, some of who might be related to you in the local market, to serve God, but I digress).

    3. To show the rest of the world (especially the infamous Axis of Evil) that America was willing to go to war even if it meant sending body bags back home. After Bosnia and Somalia, most rouge nations really did not think America (and especially the rest of the world) had the stomach to back up thier threats and United Nations resolutions. America/NATO could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Bosnia simply by putting Apache helicopter in the air and blasting Molosivich's troops...just once or twice. But NATO/American leaders were afraid a helicopter might get shot down and public support would end when body bags came home. Supporting terrorism had to be much more expensive for nations...Think Libia.

    4. Weapons of Mass Destruction...Most people thought he had it turns out, he wanted people to thing he still had them... for intimidation of Iran and internal enemies...he could have let the inspectors have unfettered accesss for years prior to the invasion.

    Invading Iraq was much messier and costlier, especially for the Iraqies, than anyone advocating the decision dreamed it would be. Our incompitance after the fall of Sadaam was monumental and shameful.

    Hind sight shows beyond a doubt we should not have done it. However, it wasn't oil and it wasn't only weapons of mass destruction.

  11. I am not a relligious person, but there are a few things that move me a little bit from by techno-life, some word that my granny used to say before passing out :

    May God help us all, in any form of His name, God, Allah, Elohim, Yahve or simply the Allmighty. It was once said that Moses, had 2 sons Israel and Ismael!


    She meant so much with that, my question is why do we do this ?

    When there is so much to be done in this world to improve the life of the human beings, there is a huge space there to explore, to spread our heritage into the vastness of space, to go among the stars from where we come from.

    To study sciences and art at the highest level, to educate our children in every corner of the globe.


    ...... what we only do is always going after the neighbours goat ....

  12. Duane you are missing the point.

    All those dead civilians are just victims of a "regretable" friendly fire "accidents".

  13. "unacceptable to think"
    When people tell you what you can and can not think, it is time to be really afraid.

    To anonymous:
    America targets civilians. That's a fact of war - innocents die.
    If it's so obvious Iraq and 9/11 are unconnected, why did Bush say there was before the Iraq invasion ?

  14. Today a British Soldier was convicted of targeting civilians and found guilty of war crimes. Yes - it is not the *whole* British Army, nor is it a policy in general but the uneducated Iraqi masses will likely lump all british soldiers in the same camp the way we lump all iraqis into the "insurgent" camp or all muslims into the "terrorist" camp.

    everyone needs a time out to sit in the corner and think about this for a bit then make a plan to get us all out of it.


    I think this is the link to the article the previous poster refers to. Just an FYI.

  16. Please stick to technology. Your naive view of the world is damaging your credibility.

  17. Uhh - his view is not naive. Outside of the US, people get something called "news" which contains "truth", something American media lacks. Iraq is an illegal and unjustified war on a sovern country. That is the fact. In Vienna, the news paper reports that 50% of americans still think Iraq has something to do with 911 or Al Quaeda. Why is that? The rest of the world knows the truth. Why dont american media tell this truth.

  18. political bs spews from every reply here along with bias along with the original post.

    Ask yourself if you think the US is targeting innocent civilians on purpose?

    Do you think the US is laying waste haphazardly?

    Now if your liberal you'll say its so much worse than before and they were way better off(ask the Kurds and they will say something VERY different) but that's here nor there.

    If your conservative you'll say its necessary to fight the terrorists.

    If you ask me this is simply a test of endurance. The iraqi people are having a hard time giving up their hatred of the people trying to save them while they and every terrorist in the middle east have a hay day blowing up innocent people.

    War was never pretty, if you think it is your naive. The US can't pull out...

    This isnt about oil its about the mindset of the middle east. Iraq is smack dab in the middle of it.
    Extremists who have been preaching that the US is the great satan can't let the US succeed in helping turn Iraq into a peaceful lawful society. To do that is to underming their decades of control and propaganda.

  19. Want to thank you all for the provocative thoughts on this so far. Some inference from reading this so far:

    1. Fighting terrorists is necessary. Terrorism is a cowardly and despicable act and ignoring it won't save you from it. Regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative, most will agree.

    2. The US cannot simply get out of Iraq today. Regardless of the reasons for finding itself there, to leave now would cause harm without some form of stability.

    3. Most Americans don't support a USA that targets civilians, nor would they allow their government to do so with malice of forethought. I say "most" because people buy believe in crap like this ->
    (nevertheless, most Americans I know are much smarter than to embrace such anarchist ideas)

    Question for everybody:

    What an be done to fix the situation? No matter what side of the debate you are on on how the US got here, I would be interested in hearing ideas to solve the status quo.

  20. From what I have been able to decipher, and call me gullable if you will, but Bush, like his father have little to do with what America actually does. Why were the Bin Ladens allowed to fly out of the US after 9/11 when everyone else was grounded?
    They are all merely puppets of a higher command. Foot soldiers in an army. 8 million strong. The elite sworn to secret blood oaths.
    They hide in powerful positions in plain site. Apperantly Lincoln and Kennedy both found out the hard way what happens when you don't play ball.
    So have many popes.
    Has anybody seen the movie with Cruise-Kidman called eyes wide shut. What do you think that title means? Open your eyes everyone.
    The guy in the red cape. He calls the shots. The first was Ignatius Loyolla...


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