Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SOA 2.0 makes people finally speak out!

I have observed a really cool phenomena in the last week. Normally, when someone comes out with a new buzzword that doesn't really have any substance, most people merely complain quietly and go about their business. With Gartner and Oracle now having gone public with their term "SOA 2.0", the collective disgust seems to have finally reached the tipping point where people can no longer keep quiet. I am a bit surprised for two reasons. One is that I have talked to Yefim Natis and actually found him highly intelligent. It doesn't seem characteristic of him to back a buzzword like SOA 2.0.

The second surprise is the wave of attacks coming at the use of the term. This is good to see that folks are finally starting to yell "where's the beef" and "the emperor has no clothes". Some recurring thoughts on SOA 2.0 are spot on. This is a compilation of my favorites so far.

You'll notice a pattern here. There are about 3 or 4 people who like the term and several of the entries in Google's blog search simply syndicate the same content. The above links are unique comments written by people who I consider pragmatic and smart, not based on this but on previous blog entries they have written.


  1. Nice summary - I couldn't agree more with your take on this.


  2. SOA is a well structured and sophisticated architecture to differ and structure abstract from concrete processes, to link them and create thereby services. In my eyes it´s normal that people go mad when there is a new release of a great software, tool or service, because they are frightened that they have to learn something they are not used to and have to change their behaviour. I just love to work with SOA 2.0


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