Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution (finally solved)!!

I saw a news article today talking about a judge who banned "intelligent design" in school curriculums:


It seems there are zealots on both sides of this argument who think their way is the only correct way. Well, I am going to end it once and for all on this blog. Here is the solution for the final end to this controversy in three easy steps:

1. Draft a MoU between both groups issuing an edict that "god created evolution". This dovetails nicely into both points of view without offending anyone.

2. Both sides need to note that this theory ties up all the loose ends and explains everything. No one need be upset anymore.

3. Let individuals believe what they want, keep religion out of schools and government and move on to more important problems to solve.

To offer more help, I have made this partial list of problems that these people can turn their attention to now that the religious debate over the origins of human life is officially over.

Problems that we need to solve:

1. Getting our fellow humans to be nicer to each other.
2. Ending the conflicts in various regions around the world.
3. Figuring out a good way to provide cheap, non-polluting, sustainable energy to the masses of the planet.
4. Showing compassion for our fellow man when he is in times of need.
5. (add your own here...)

Move along - nothing to see here anymore....


  1. Maybe we need a "Reference Model for Religious Belief Systems" (RBS-RM) so that peoples of different faiths can fundamentally get along with each and other :-)


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