Friday, October 07, 2005

Didgeridu, Djembe and Guitar

Last night I had the pleasure to perform live with Wade Imre Morissette and Kirsten (lastname??) for an event at Unlimited Yoga. Playing music is my first love and the reason I moved to Vancouver. I love the way it clears your head gets rid of all the buzzword laden drivel inherit in the high tech world. Speaking of which, I guess I need to eventually either post something techie-ish on this blog or change the name to something else. Hmmm.

The night was really cool. My wife lead a 5 rhythms for the first hour, then we switched to Kirtan, a repetitive chanting with Sanskrit lyrics. Not really my style of music to listen to but I found it immensely fun to play. I felt like I had been performing with these guys for years. Sometimes in music you just sort of "click".

We are performing live again Oct 24th.

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