Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fender Frankenstein and Adobe!!!

On Monday, January 26, I got to go to Fender to talk to their developers (mostly all musicians themselves). What can I say? This was by far my best ever day as an Adobe Evangelist. To top the whole thing off, I got to play one of Eddie Van Halen's EVH Frankenstein guitars.

All the guys at Fender rock. My job is to go out and listen/preach about technology and work with architects to see how things might fit together, but I rarely get to join both my passions and work with music. As a musician, I have played Fender instruments most of my life. In fact, the only non-Fenders I own (one Jackson and one Hamer Flying V) are now both lines of guitars owned by Fender. To be blunt – I love Fender. My own Fender Frankenstein is my pride and joy (body by Cremer Guitarworks from USA).

The Hamer is a rare flying V designed for Michael Schenker. There were a very limited run of them and I was lucky enough to buy one in about 1984 for $2500. To date, it is my favorite studio axe.

So what are some good ideas for Fender’s web presence? One idea I strongly believe in is to harness collective intelligence, so I want to pose the question to all the musicians that use my blog. What do you want to see for Fender as a web presence? What is your idea of a perfect user experience with Fender?

One idea I think would be cool is to provide a music mix wizard like the one from www.mixmatchmusic.com. This would allow any Fender owner to post their tracks and mBits © to the MixMatchMusic site and allow people to remix, add vocals etc. This would be cool.

But not as cool as the honor of getting to play a real American made Fender Pre bass live on Stage with my bands 22nd Century and Stress Factor 9.

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