Friday, June 07, 2019

Web Safety by WebSafely - Be Warned and Stay Away!

I sadly got a phone call from a friend who had recently been fleeced out of over $1000 in a "your PC is broken but we can fix it" scam.  Please heed this as an official warning.

Stay away from anything related to "Web Safety by WebSecurely".  They prey on unsuspecting computer users and convince them that their systems are infected and only they can save their systems.  In fact, this is nothing more than a years old scam.

They also have somehow hacked into many servers and will try to get you to install browser extensions (so far Chrome seems to be the most loved target).  If you see a screen like this:


Do not install the Browser Extension (also called "Browser Helper Object" or BHO).

The company itself is not real.  If you examine the image above, you will see that Web-Safety by is offered by a website called  Clicking on that link yields a 520 error.

If you do install it, it changes your default search engine from Google to Yahoo (not implicating either of these entities in the accusations). It is very likely that these are spoofed.  In time, you will click on a result that results in an apparently frozen computer with a warning message stating you need to call a number to get help.  After agreeing to a charge, they will "fix" you computer.

This is a scam. Do not fall for this.