Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rooting the Galaxy Nexus with one click!

Android Central is buzzing with news of Wug's new root application.  Specifically, Wug's Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit contains all the files requires to both unlock (aka "root") your nexus and also to restore it to factory settings with the OEM lock.  The kit contains the necessary drivers and SDK that will also install the latest samsung drivers,  extract the latest android SDK to your %HOMEDRIVE% and more.

Figure courtesy of WUGFresh and AndroidCentral

For developers, you will also be able to update your systems "Path" environmental variable to include adb and fastboot locations however the entire Toolkit appears to only run on Windows.   The Toolkit can push (Superuser.apk) to your Nexus's SD card and flash the clockwork mod.  The device itself will walk you through the rest of the process via on screen instructions.

Read the full feature set here.

The reality is that it seems to be pointless for handset providers to lock devices.  The average time until someone can root a particular device is nearing the point where root toolkits are sometimes available before the actual device is on the market.

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