Tuesday, August 02, 2011

More great blogging about Adobe from Bangalore

After spending a week in Bangalore India, we capped off the Adobe Flash Platform Summit with a great Bloggers Social night at the Biere Club.  Maybe is was the lure of a micro-brew or dangling evangelists out to be asked any question (seriously - nothing was forbidden to ask), but this event was my favorite.  I had the immense pleasure of meeting Balachander Balu, one of India's more influential and prolific bloggers.

I just caught wind of another well written article from Balu at Tech Bit N Byte.  Here is a small snippet.  Read the rest at http://www.techbitnbyte.com/adobe-flash-platform-summit-2011/

"Two Adobe evangelists Duane Nickull and Renaun Erickson, Took over from there, They had demonstrated the capabilities of 3D, The cool thing was they had designed it through FLASH, The Best part is they had designed it within 40minutes, Isn’t it amazing, would you believe designing a software within an hour, I know you can’t but it’s the fact. Adobe ROCKS everywhere. I know there are lot of 3D tools available in the market, Myself I use one private 3D tool to design anything which I want it in 3D, but designing in Flash is something really Cool, They had shown Split screen CANOE moving across multiple devices, Even that was also Astonishing. Really I had no words to explain it; it was really privileged for me to be in the Adobe’s party."

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