Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adobe Resource Synchronizer CS5.5

Yesterday I installed the 5.5 version of Creative Suite Master Collection. To my dismay, there was no 5.5. version of Soundbooth, which I had uninstalled as per the instructions. To recap, on Mac OS X it is very important to use the Uninstall feature for earlier versions of CS instead of merely dragging them into the trash.

After installing CS 5.5, I grabbed the media to re-install the previous version of Soundbooth (CS 5), which I use regularly for Duane's World. During the installation, an error message came up stating something like "Unable to continue - close the following applications: AdobeResourceSynchronizer". I searched for a while and did not find any application with such a name but did find the process.

If you run across this issue on a Mac, launch the "Activity Monitor" (it is under /Applications/Utilities/Activity By default, the activity Monitor will only show Active Processes and you will not see the AdobeResourceSynchronizer. In order to stop it, you have to select "All Processes: (Step 1 below), then highlight the process "AdobeResourceSynchronizer" and then hit Quit Process (Step 3 below).

After that you should be able to resume the installation of Soundbooth.  When done, restart your Mac and the AdobeResourceSynchronizer will heal its wounds and restart.

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