Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Adobe Stimulus Plan - free product, learn Flex in one Week!

During the last year there has been a worsening financial crisis. While some may look at this as a bad thing, I look at it as opportunity. Have you ever thought about upgrading your skills? Wanted to work in high tech? If you recently lost your job, now might be the time - and Adobe (and the evangelism team) is here to help!

Fact: Flex and AIR developers are in short supply! Don't believe me, look at the search result below. Over 1.7 million results for "Flex Developer Wanted".


Inference: there is more demand than there is supply for skilled IT workers.

Rationale: Think about why. As the economy got worse, big firms failed and got acquired by others. What is the first thing they want done? Integration of computer systems and re-branding, both of which require programmers and architects. The demand is out there.

Solution: We are giving away FREE Flex Builder licenses to anyone who has recently been laid off. You can simply go to this location and apply:


Of course, free tools don't just build stuff themselves so we need to help out even more and train you. I have taken it upon myself to do this and I have made a full day of training available here.


On top of that, I have started some full day, hands-on intensive courses for those who want to learn how to use Flex Builder. There are two events scheduled.

Vancouver - May 28 - Full day 100% free Flex, AIR camp (details)

Berlin - June 14 - Full day 100% free Flex, AIR camp (details TBA)


Possibly a third at Hamburg. If you are interested in Hamburg training in the time frame of June 15-25, please drop me a comment here. Ja - ich kann auch Deutsche sphreche und ich liebe gut Deutches Bier!

I will also entertain coming to other cities around the world to help train those who are interested in changing their lives and joining us. We are all part of a global community and it is only an illusion that we are separate. What harms you harms me. What helps you helps me. Pay it forward and good karma shall be yours.

On top of that, Adobe has made one full week of video training available to take online. See here for details:


Oh yeah - did I mention this is all free!



  1. hi Duane,

    this sounds really interesting! I've followed the Flex in One Week, a number of Papervision 3D articles, and have nothing but good things to say about it!

    I have some questions, though.

    for an employed developer who would like to branch out on his/her own, the eligibility for free Flex Builder does not apply?

    2nd question -- I live in ottawa. Would like to attend a similar event here in town, but not sure if any are in the pipe?

    thanks again.

  2. Not sure. The best thing you can do is apply at the URL above. As for Ottawa, you bet. Join the adobe groups - http://groups.adobe.com/pages/home



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