Friday, December 05, 2008

Why you need to meet me in Dubai!

Circle 14 – 18 December 2008 in your diary! THE NEW MEDIA EVENT is taking place from 14 – 18 December 2008 at JW Marriott Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

Everyone that IS somebody in the PR industry will be there. WHY? Seriously, who would not like to be in the same company with these speakers?
• SHEKHAR KAPUR, Academy Award Winning Director Of Elizabeth And Elizabeth: The Golden Age
• DUANE NICKULL (ME), Sr, Technology Evangelist, Adobe Systems.
• DEBBIE WEIL, Author, The Corporate Blogging Book
• AMMAR BAKKAR, Head Of New Media, MBC Group
• MOHAMED NANABHAY, Head Of New Media, Al Jazeera
• PHILIPPE DELTENRE, Media Strategist, Microsoft
• ANGEL GAMBINO, Former Global VP, Music And Content, BEBO

They will have 25 speakers in total. And all of them are playing an integral part in the new media revolution. The full listing is on the website at

OK, so you may be asking yourself, why do I need to attend an event on new media? What is in it for me? I am doing a great job – plus all of this new media stuff is only hype! Yeah, keep telling yourself that!

Do you realize that there are 200,000,000 blogs on the net? 150,000,000 videos on YouTube? 120,000,000 Facebook members? I am sure you don’t. You also don’t now that it takes only one blog post to destroy your organization’s reputation. Imagine, there are over one billion blog posts on the net and it takes only one to destroy everything you have been working for.

There is a teaser for the event here:

Duane's World 14 - The New Media

You have several options.

1. Visit
2. Call +971 4 335 2437
3. Email


  1. Hi Duane,

    Will you be in Dubai next week? Would love to meet you. You can reach me at debbie.weil(at)



  2. Not next week but Dec 12-17. Will do.

  3. Hey Duane,

    Good preso today. Really enjoyed it and good to see a fellow Canadian made good.

    I currently have a blog and my reasons are fairly selfish: keep myself writing and engaged through a commitment to a posting schedule and building a personal brand.

    Thanks again,


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