Tuesday, April 01, 2008

LiveCycle 8.2 Pre-release program

For cutting edge LiveCycle developers, Adobe is inviting a select group to test the latest build (8.2) prior to the official release. You can register here:


Here are the new features:
  • Improved development and authoring tools, including process record and playback, and validation of process definitions
  • Improved end-user experience including 508-Compliance, single sign-on support, and many LiveCycle Designer enhancements
  • Improved process management tools such as business calendars, out-of-office support, and customized e-mail notifications
  • Improved installation with two turnkey options (JBOSS and WebLogic) as well as command-line installation
  • Improved administration and platform maturity with improved backup and recovery support (hot backup), expanded platform, database, and JVM support
  • Improved Web Service support within XFA-based forms
  • PDF/A Support

Greg Wilson has posted a great introductory video here.

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