Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arc90 Lab : The RESTService Flex Library

This just in. The folks at Arc90 Lab have created a Flex REST service AS3 (ActionScript 3) library. I haven't downloaded it yet but be assured I will. You can get it here.

Basement.org states:

"We're also big fans of Adobe's Flash and Flex platforms. Unfortunately, AS3 isn't exactly REST-friendly out of the box. There's some HTTP support, but we needed more robust support for REST. To remedy this, we've built our own AS3 library: RESTService. It's a "class that makes fully aware HTTP service calls. Fault and Result events contain all response headers and status messages, as well as the response body." It even supports HTTPS by leveraging the AS3 Crypto Framework"

1 comment:

  1. I still didn´t switch to AS3 using AS2, because of the reason that´s mentioned: It just does not seem to be adult yet. Anyway I am leaning it, because it´s more and more commen. Thanks for the link


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