Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Great Article on Adobe

I saw this recent article about Adobe and wanted to share it.  This is well worth a read.  Deep Sherchan has written a brilliant perspective on the huge paradigm shift we are experiencing in IT.  A small excerpt:

"You can call it post-PC device war or rise of mobile devices, the fact is that PC is no longer the dominant device among consumers. Mobile devices (both smartphone and tablet) are equipped with powerful operating systems such as iOS, Andriod, Blackberry and Windows 7, enough to deliver the same rich experience as PC.

So the main question is not which OS is going to win. The future is going to be the age of variety of platforms with different standards and different value proposition. Therefore, the right question is how developers are going to leverage all these variety of platforms with efficiency. The answer lies in the emerging developing platform with cross publishing ability, for sure.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to attend the bloggers meet up hosted by ADOBE to showcase their new developer platform and the future ahead. "

Read the rest here:

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