Monday, June 22, 2009

Hamburg FlexUGHH und Mir!

While in Europe, Sebastian and Marta asked me to pop over to Hamburg to do a talk for their user group. The event took place at an IBM office and was totally packed. The group was awesome and I felt totally well received (Danke fur die Bier!). We spent most of the time trying out the new features of Flash Builder 4 and helping developers understand the changes prior to them getting their hands on it. As with Berlin, a lot of Flex 3 developers had issues trying Flash Builder 4. We found it very useful to work through the changes together starting with all the new namespaces (Spark, Halo, FXG et) plus the variants of MX NS values (2009, 2006, halo). The big hits were the new advanced package explorer for each class, highlighting other instances of a class where it appears in the program (something Java developers are used to in Eclipse), advanced code hinting, content assist, class wizards and more. The network monitor won lots of friends.

I thought I would have the record of being the speaker to come from furthest away, however someone else apparently came from New Zealand (perhaps Kai?). The ColdFusion demo was a highlight!

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  1. Video now available:

    Thanks Marta~!!!


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