Monday, December 15, 2008

My Talk from Dubai on Blogging

First - I really want to thank the staff from IIRME at the recent New Media Conference in Dubia. They are pros and treated us all very well.

Second, as promised, my presentation is now online at:

You are hereby granted free use of this material as long as you respect the IP rights of others. Please remove the Adobe logo and my name and replace them with your own name/logo if you plan to present it. Also - this was heavily influenced by Please make sure they get credit as noted within.

Special thanks to all the people of Dubai!!! If you have not been here, get here. This place is awesome!! Everyone I have met is 100% friendly to the MAX!



  1. Hi ....

    the link is not working :)

  2. Thanks Duane, we thoroughly enjoyed the session, please make Dubai a regular stop- we'll work on the user group here as discussed.
    Cheers, Moe Shanti, AJ

  3. @Libyano - it should be working now. It was a typo.

    Anyone who uses the powerpoint (and please feel free to do so), I would only like to ask that you add me to your blogroll and point back at this blog.

    Thank you


  4. Moe:

    The pleasure was mine. Dubai is a great country and everyone I met was wonderful. I want to come back here very soon and on a regular basis.

    Thank you for the kind invitation!

    Best wishes



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